Facilitation Services

Facilitation Services

The facilitation service at Forever Training is provided by a trained facilitator who will provide a comprehensive and bespoke service according to your business or group need. The facilitator will use a range of tools and techniques that will make a real difference to your event.

Each facilitated session is designed to promote group interaction, discussion and participation so that a group consensus may be achieved. The facilitator will provide impartial support whilst guiding the group through the process of developing shared views on the topic/issue. Encouragement of creative thinking, exploration of views and obtaining group understanding all support the group to achieve consensus on the way forward with their chosen solution, and action plan.

Our Facilitation Services can cover:-

  • Internal meetings – including business planning meetings, problem solving or change programmes.
  • Team Building Days
  • Conference Facilitation – Small, Medium or Large Groups
  • Action Learning Sets
  • Focus Groups – Tenant Particpation or Service user Group
  • Community Groups
  • Public Meetings
  • Resolving differences in any environment

A Forever Facilitated session can:

  • Help you achieve group objectives faster,
  • Focus on results to create appropriate solutions,
  • Formulate action plans,
  • And, utilise active participation to make the process fun and dynamic.

Please do get in contact to discuss your meeting needs.